My name is Jack Ellison.  You probably don't know me as the singer-songwriterThe Magus, but that's who I am.  This site isn't about my music, though.  It's not about me either.

I first came to Manchester to study in 2003, and met a lad called Dan Lizar fairly early on in my student life.  We became good friends (perhaps best friends) during the first year and lived together for much of the second.

Dan disappeared one night, ran off home and stayed out of touch.   He ditched us all - me, his girlfriend, and all of the other people he claimed had made his life finally worthwhile.   First we were worried, then we were bitter.  We remained that way until word reached that Dan had committed suicide in his bedroom at his childhood home.  

Four years later and I'm playing a gig in town, and this guy comes up to me and asks for my e-mail address.  Thinking he might be an A&R guy, I give it to him.  Hours later, he's mailed me with this book.  The Almost Lizard by Danny Lizar.  It's the autobiography of my dead friend.  That's what this site is about.

An unusual encounter.  The beginning, I guess...

How I knew the author

Who?  Why?  What?  Questions like that

One week in and it's all lies and sneaking around.  On my part at least.

Suspicious girlfriend asks the wrong questions.  

Returning to the source to fill in the blanks.
A classic Lizar Christmas moment

There's only so far a guilty conscience will stretch.  On with the plan.
I took my eye off the ball and look what happened.  A long-awaited, much needed update