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Out March 1st 2013
Published by Legend Press

Today is Daniel Lizar's twenty-first birthday and he just completed his auto-biography.  Now, he plans on killing himself, leaving behind possibly the longest suicide note committed to paper.

Daniel creates soap operas in his head - a game that he plays on his paper-round.  Rather than a phase, this is the beginning of a fantasy that becomes more and more elaborate as the people around Daniel become his unwitting co-stars.

Daniel begins to realise that, in life, you cannot rewrite all the scripts, there is no-one there to shout cut or hit rewind, and, inevitably, all manipulations have their repercussions.

On this site you can find a blog by Daniel's friend Jack Ellison and extracts from Daniel's autobiography.  

You can buy The Almost Lizard from Amazon and Waterstones online, or order it from your nearest bookshop.